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class matplotlib.colors.LogNorm(vmin=None, vmax=None, clip=False) [source]

Bases: matplotlib.colors.Normalize

Normalize a given value to the 0-1 range on a log scale.

If vmin or vmax is not given, they are initialized from the minimum and maximum value respectively of the first input processed. That is, __call__(A) calls autoscale_None(A). If clip is True and the given value falls outside the range, the returned value will be 0 or 1, whichever is closer. Returns 0 if:


Works with scalars or arrays, including masked arrays. If clip is True, masked values are set to 1; otherwise they remain masked. Clipping silently defeats the purpose of setting the over, under, and masked colors in the colormap, so it is likely to lead to surprises; therefore the default is clip = False.

autoscale(self, A) [source]

Set vmin, vmax to min, max of A.

autoscale_None(self, A) [source]

Autoscale only None-valued vmin or vmax.

inverse(self, value) [source]

Examples using matplotlib.colors.LogNorm

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