Built-in Promises

Mongoose async operations, like .save() and queries, return thenables. This means that you can do things like MyModel.findOne({}).then() and await MyModel.findOne({}).exec() if you're using async/await.

You can find the return type of specific operations in the api docs

var gnr = new Band({
  name: "Guns N' Roses",
  members: ['Axl', 'Slash']

var promise = gnr.save();
assert.ok(promise instanceof Promise);

promise.then(function (doc) {
  assert.equal(doc.name, "Guns N' Roses");

Queries are not promises

Mongoose queries are not promises. They have a .then() function for co and async/await as a convenience. If you need a fully-fledged promise, use the .exec() function.

var query = Band.findOne({name: "Guns N' Roses"});
assert.ok(!(query instanceof Promise));

// A query is not a fully-fledged promise, but it does have a `.then()`.
query.then(function (doc) {
  // use doc

// `.exec()` gives you a fully-fledged promise
var promise = query.exec();
assert.ok(promise instanceof Promise);

promise.then(function (doc) {
  // use doc

Queries are thenable

Although queries are not promises, queries are thenables. That means they have a .then() function, so you can use queries as promises with either promise chaining or async await

Band.findOne({name: "Guns N' Roses"}).then(function(doc) {
  // use doc

Plugging in your own Promises Library

If you're an advanced user, you may want to plug in your own promise library like bluebird. Just set mongoose.Promise to your favorite ES6-style promise constructor and mongoose will use it.

var query = Band.findOne({name: "Guns N' Roses"});

// Use bluebird
mongoose.Promise = require('bluebird');
assert.equal(query.exec().constructor, require('bluebird'));

// Use q. Note that you **must** use `require('q').Promise`.
mongoose.Promise = require('q').Promise;
assert.ok(query.exec() instanceof require('q').makePromise);

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