Module ssl

This module provides an easy to use sockets-style nim interface to the OpenSSL library.

Warning: This module is deprecated, use the SSL procedures defined in the net module instead.


openssl, strutils, os


SecureSocket = object
  ssl: SslPtr
  bio: BIO


proc connect(sock: var SecureSocket; address: string; port: int): int {...}{.
    raises: [Exception, OSError], tags: [RootEffect].}
Connects to the specified address on the specified port. Returns the result of the certificate validation.
proc recvLine(sock: SecureSocket; line: var TaintedString): bool {...}{.raises: [], tags: [].}
Acts in a similar fashion to the recvLine in the sockets module. Returns false when no data is available to be read. Line must be initialized and not nil!
proc send(sock: SecureSocket; data: string) {...}{.raises: [OSError], tags: [].}
Writes data to the socket.
proc close(sock: SecureSocket) {...}{.raises: [OSError], tags: [].}
Closes the socket

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Licensed under the MIT License.