Downgrading to a free user account plan

Note: This article only applies to users of the public npm registry.

If you have a paid user account, but no longer need private packages, you can downgrade your paid organization to a free organization. When you downgrade from a paid to a free organization, you will lose the ability to install and publish private packages at the end of your last paid billing cycle. Your private packages will not be made publicly visible when you downgrade to a free plan.

  1. Log in to npm with your user account.
    Screenshot of npm login dialog
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click your profile picture, then select Billing Info.
    Screenshot of billing info selection in user menu
  3. Under "change plan", click Downgrade Plan.
    Screenshot of the downgrade plan button
  4. Under "Are you sure?", click Downgrade to a free account.
    Screenshot of the downgrade plan confirmation

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