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numpy.polynomial.chebyshev.chebpow(c, pow, maxpower=16) [source]

Raise a Chebyshev series to a power.

Returns the Chebyshev series c raised to the power pow. The argument c is a sequence of coefficients ordered from low to high. i.e., [1,2,3] is the series T_0 + 2*T_1 + 3*T_2.

c : array_like

1-D array of Chebyshev series coefficients ordered from low to high.

pow : integer

Power to which the series will be raised

maxpower : integer, optional

Maximum power allowed. This is mainly to limit growth of the series to unmanageable size. Default is 16

coef : ndarray

Chebyshev series of power.


>>> from numpy.polynomial import chebyshev as C
>>> C.chebpow([1, 2, 3, 4], 2)
array([15.5, 22. , 16. , ..., 12.5, 12. ,  8. ])

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