Class IllegalAccessException

All Implemented Interfaces:
public class IllegalAccessException
extends ReflectiveOperationException

An IllegalAccessException is thrown when an application tries to reflectively create an instance (other than an array), set or get a field, or invoke a method, but the currently executing method does not have access to the definition of the specified class, field, method or constructor.

See Also:
Class.newInstance(), Field.set(Object, Object), Field.setBoolean(Object, boolean), Field.setByte(Object, byte), Field.setShort(Object, short), Field.setChar(Object, char), Field.setInt(Object, int), Field.setLong(Object, long), Field.setFloat(Object, float), Field.setDouble(Object, double), Field.get(Object), Field.getBoolean(Object), Field.getByte(Object), Field.getShort(Object), Field.getChar(Object), Field.getInt(Object), Field.getLong(Object), Field.getFloat(Object), Field.getDouble(Object), Method.invoke(Object, Object[]), Constructor.newInstance(Object[]), Serialized Form

Constructor Summary

Constructor Description

Constructs an IllegalAccessException without a detail message.

IllegalAccessException​(String s)

Constructs an IllegalAccessException with a detail message.

Method Summary

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Constructor Detail


public IllegalAccessException()

Constructs an IllegalAccessException without a detail message.


public IllegalAccessException​(String s)

Constructs an IllegalAccessException with a detail message.

s - the detail message.