Interface Guard

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AllPermission, AttachPermission, AudioPermission, AuthPermission, AWTPermission, BasicPermission, CardPermission, DelegationPermission, FilePermission, FlightRecorderPermission, InquireSecContextPermission, JDIPermission, LinkPermission, LoggingPermission, ManagementPermission, MBeanPermission, MBeanServerPermission, MBeanTrustPermission, NetPermission, NetworkPermission, Permission, PrivateCredentialPermission, PropertyPermission, ReflectPermission, RuntimePermission, SecurityPermission, SerializablePermission, ServicePermission, SocketPermission, SQLPermission, SSLPermission, SubjectDelegationPermission, UnresolvedPermission, URLPermission
public interface Guard

This interface represents a guard, which is an object that is used to protect access to another object.

This interface contains a single method, checkGuard, with a single object argument. checkGuard is invoked (by the GuardedObject getObject method) to determine whether or not to allow access to the object.

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Method Summary

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void checkGuard​(Object object)

Determines whether or not to allow access to the guarded object object.

Method Detail


void checkGuard​(Object object)
         throws SecurityException

Determines whether or not to allow access to the guarded object object. Returns silently if access is allowed. Otherwise, throws a SecurityException.

object - the object being protected by the guard.
SecurityException - if access is denied.