Interface RunnableScheduledFuture<V>

Type Parameters:
V - The result type returned by this Future's get method
All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<Delayed>, Delayed, Future<V>, Runnable, RunnableFuture<V>, ScheduledFuture<V>
public interface RunnableScheduledFuture<V>
extends RunnableFuture<V>, ScheduledFuture<V>

A ScheduledFuture that is Runnable. Successful execution of the run method causes completion of the Future and allows access to its results.

See Also:
FutureTask, Executor

Method Summary

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Modifier and Type Method Description
boolean isPeriodic()

Returns true if this task is periodic.

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cancel, get, get, isCancelled, isDone

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Method Detail


boolean isPeriodic()

Returns true if this task is periodic. A periodic task may re-run according to some schedule. A non-periodic task can be run only once.

true if this task is periodic