Interface ItemListener

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AWTEventMulticaster, BasicComboBoxUI.ItemHandler, BasicComboPopup.ItemHandler, Checkbox.AccessibleAWTCheckbox, DefaultCellEditor.EditorDelegate, JCheckBox.AccessibleJCheckBox, JRadioButton.AccessibleJRadioButton, JToggleButton.AccessibleJToggleButton, List.AccessibleAWTList
public interface ItemListener
extends EventListener

The listener interface for receiving item events. The class that is interested in processing an item event implements this interface. The object created with that class is then registered with a component using the component's addItemListener method. When an item-selection event occurs, the listener object's itemStateChanged method is invoked.

See Also:
ItemSelectable, ItemEvent, Tutorial: Writing an Item Listener

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void itemStateChanged​(ItemEvent e)

Invoked when an item has been selected or deselected by the user.

Method Detail


void itemStateChanged​(ItemEvent e)

Invoked when an item has been selected or deselected by the user. The code written for this method performs the operations that need to occur when an item is selected (or deselected).

e - the event to be processed