Class JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ItemSelectable, Serializable, ButtonModel
Enclosing class:
public static class JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel
extends DefaultButtonModel

The ToggleButton model

Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. As of 1.4, support for long term storage of all JavaBeans™ has been added to the java.beans package. Please see XMLEncoder.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary

Fields declared in class javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel

actionCommand, ARMED, changeEvent, ENABLED, group, listenerList, mnemonic, PRESSED, ROLLOVER, SELECTED, stateMask

Constructor Summary

Constructor Description

Creates a new ToggleButton Model

Method Summary

All Methods Instance Methods Concrete Methods
Modifier and Type Method Description
boolean isSelected()

Checks if the button is selected.

void setPressed​(boolean b)

Sets the pressed state of the toggle button.

void setSelected​(boolean b)

Sets the selected state of the button.

Methods declared in class javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel

fireActionPerformed, fireItemStateChanged, fireStateChanged, getActionListeners, getChangeListeners, getGroup, getItemListeners, getListeners, getSelectedObjects

Methods declared in class java.lang.Object

clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Methods declared in interface javax.swing.ButtonModel

addActionListener, addChangeListener, addItemListener, getActionCommand, getMnemonic, isArmed, isEnabled, isPressed, isRollover, removeActionListener, removeChangeListener, removeItemListener, setActionCommand, setArmed, setEnabled, setGroup, setMnemonic, setRollover

Constructor Detail


public ToggleButtonModel()

Creates a new ToggleButton Model

Method Detail


public boolean isSelected()

Checks if the button is selected.

true if the button is selected


public void setSelected​(boolean b)

Sets the selected state of the button.

b - true selects the toggle button, false deselects the toggle button.


public void setPressed​(boolean b)

Sets the pressed state of the toggle button.

b - whether or not the button should be pressed
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