/Phalcon 2

Class Phalcon\Config

implements ArrayAccess, Countable

Phalcon\Config is designed to simplify the access to, and the use of, configuration data within applications. It provides a nested object property based user interface for accessing this configuration data within application code.

$config = new Phalcon\Config(array(
    "database" => array(
            "adapter" => "Mysql",
            "host" => "localhost",
            "username" => "scott",
            "password" => "cheetah",
            "dbname" => "test_db"
    "phalcon" => array(
            "controllersDir" => "../app/controllers/",
            "modelsDir" => "../app/models/",
            "viewsDir" => "../app/views/"


public __construct ([array $arrayConfig])

Phalcon\Config constructor

public boolean offsetExists (unknown $property)

Allows to check whether an attribute is defined using the array-syntax


public mixed get (string $index, [mixed $defaultValue])

Gets an attribute from the configuration, if the attribute isn’t defined returns null If the value is exactly null or is not defined the default value will be used instead

echo $config->get('controllersDir', '../app/controllers/');

public string offsetGet (unknown $property)

Gets an attribute using the array-syntax


public offsetSet (unknown $property, mixed $value)

Sets an attribute using the array-syntax

$config['database'] = array('type' => 'Sqlite');

public offsetUnset (unknown $property)

Unsets an attribute using the array-syntax


public merge (Phalcon\Config $config)

Merges a configuration into the current one

$appConfig = new Phalcon\Config(array('database' => array('host' => 'localhost')));

public array toArray ()

Converts recursively the object to an array


public count ()


public __wakeup ()


public static Phalcon\Config __set_state ([unknown $properties])

Restores the state of a Phalcon\Config object

public __get (unknown $property)


public __set (unknown $property, unknown $value)


public __isset (unknown $property)


public __unset (unknown $property)


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Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.