/Phalcon 2

Class Phalcon\Events\Manager

implements Phalcon\Events\ManagerInterface

Phalcon Events Manager, offers an easy way to intercept and manipulate, if needed, the normal flow of operation. With the EventsManager the developer can create hooks or plugins that will offer monitoring of data, manipulation, conditional execution and much more.


public attach (string $eventType, object|callable $handler)

Attach a listener to the events manager

public enablePriorities (boolean $enablePriorities)

Set if priorities are enabled in the EventsManager

public boolean arePrioritiesEnabled ()

Returns if priorities are enabled

public collectResponses (boolean $collect)

Tells the event manager if it needs to collect all the responses returned by every registered listener in a single fire

public isCollecting ()

Check if the events manager is collecting all all the responses returned by every registered listener in a single fire

public array getResponses ()

Returns all the responses returned by every handler executed by the last ‘fire’ executed

public detachAll ([string $type])

Removes all events from the EventsManager

public mixed fireQueue (SplPriorityQueue $queue, Phalcon\Events\Event $event)

Internal handler to call a queue of events

public mixed fire (string $eventType, object $source, [mixed $data])

Fires an event in the events manager causing that active listeners be notified about it

$eventsManager->fire('db', $connection);

public boolean hasListeners (string $type)

Check whether certain type of event has listeners

public array getListeners (string $type)

Returns all the attached listeners of a certain type

public dettachAll ([unknown $type])


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Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.