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Class Phalcon\Db\Profiler

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Instances of Phalcon\Db can generate execution profiles on SQL statements sent to the relational database. Profiled information includes execution time in milliseconds. This helps you to identify bottlenecks in your applications.

$profiler = new \Phalcon\Db\Profiler();

// Set the connection profiler

$sql = "SELECT buyer_name, quantity, product_name
FROM buyers LEFT JOIN products ON

// Execute a SQL statement

// Get the last profile in the profiler
$profile = $profiler->getLastProfile();

echo "SQL Statement: ", $profile->getSQLStatement(), "\n";
echo "Start Time: ", $profile->getInitialTime(), "\n";
echo "Final Time: ", $profile->getFinalTime(), "\n";
echo "Total Elapsed Time: ", $profile->getTotalElapsedSeconds(), "\n";


public Phalcon\Db\Profiler startProfile (string $sqlStatement, [mixed $sqlVariables], [mixed $sqlBindTypes])

Starts the profile of a SQL sentence

public stopProfile ()

Stops the active profile

public getNumberTotalStatements ()

Returns the total number of SQL statements processed

public getTotalElapsedSeconds ()

Returns the total time in seconds spent by the profiles

public getProfiles ()

Returns all the processed profiles

public reset ()

Resets the profiler, cleaning up all the profiles

public getLastProfile ()

Returns the last profile executed in the profiler

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