pygame module to work with touch input

New in pygame 2: This module requires SDL2.

pygame._sdl2.touch.get_num_devices() -> int

get the number of touch devices

Return the number of available touch devices.

pygame._sdl2.touch.get_device(index) -> touchid

get the a touch device id for a given index
Parameters: index (int) -- This number is at least 0 and less than the number of devices.

Return an integer id associated with the given index.

pygame._sdl2.touch.get_num_fingers(touchid) -> int

the number of active fingers for a given touch device

Return the number of fingers active for the touch device whose id is touchid.

pygame._sdl2.touch.get_finger(touchid, index) -> int

get information about an active finger
  • touchid (int) -- The touch device id.
  • index (int) -- The index of the finger to return information about, between 0 and the number of active fingers.

Return a dict for the finger index active on touchid. The dict contains these keys:

id         the id of the finger (an integer).
x          the normalized x position of the finger, between 0 and 1.
y          the normalized y position of the finger, between 0 and 1.
pressure   the amount of pressure applied by the finger, between 0 and 1.

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