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QAndroidIntent Class

Wraps the most important methods of Android Intent class. More...

Header: #include <QAndroidIntent>
qmake: QT += androidextras
Since: Qt 5.10

This class was introduced in Qt 5.10.

Public Functions

QAndroidIntent(const QAndroidJniObject &packageContext, const char *className)
QAndroidIntent(const QString &action)
QAndroidIntent(const QAndroidJniObject &intent)
QByteArray extraBytes(const QString &key)
QVariant extraVariant(const QString &key)
QAndroidJniObject handle() const
void putExtra(const QString &key, const QByteArray &data)
void putExtra(const QString &key, const QVariant &value)

Detailed Description

The QAndroidIntent is a convenience class that wraps the most important Android Intent methods.

Member Function Documentation

QAndroidIntent::QAndroidIntent(const QAndroidJniObject &packageContext, const char *className)

Creates a new intent and sets the provided packageContext and the service className. Example:

auto serviceIntent = QAndroidIntent(QtAndroid::androidActivity().object(), "com.example.MyService");

See also QtAndroid::androidActivity and QtAndroid::bindService.

QAndroidIntent::QAndroidIntent(const QString &action)

Creates a new intent and sets the provided action.

QAndroidIntent::QAndroidIntent(const QAndroidJniObject &intent)

Wraps the provided intent java object.


Create a new intent

QByteArray QAndroidIntent::extraBytes(const QString &key)

Returns the extra key data from the Intent extras

QVariant QAndroidIntent::extraVariant(const QString &key)

Returns the extra key data from the Intent extras as a QVariant

QAndroidJniObject QAndroidIntent::handle() const

The return value is useful to call other Java API which are not covered by this wrapper

void QAndroidIntent::putExtra(const QString &key, const QByteArray &data)

Sets the key with the data in the Intent extras

void QAndroidIntent::putExtra(const QString &key, const QVariant &value)

Sets the key with the value in the Intent extras.

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