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QAxSelect Class

The QAxSelect class provides a selection dialog for registered COM components. More...

Header: #include <QAxSelect>
qmake: QT += axcontainer
Inherits: QDialog

Public Types

enum SandboxingLevel { SandboxingNone, SandboxingProcess, SandboxingLowIntegrity }

Public Functions

QAxSelect(QWidget *parent = nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags flags = Qt::WindowFlags())
virtual ~QAxSelect() override
QString clsid() const
QAxSelect::SandboxingLevel sandboxingLevel() const

Detailed Description

QAxSelect dialog can be used to provide users with a way to browse the registered COM components of the system and select one. It also provides a combo box for selecting desired sandboxing level. The CLSID of the selected component can then be used in the application to e.g. initialize a QAxWidget:

QAxSelect select;
if (select.exec()) {
    QAxWidget *container = new QAxWidget;

See also QAxWidget and ActiveQt Framework.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAxSelect::SandboxingLevel

The SandboxingLevel enumeration defines the desired level of ActiveX sandboxing.

Constant Value Description
QAxSelect::SandboxingNone 0 No specific sandboxing desired
QAxSelect::SandboxingProcess 1 Run ActiveX control in a separate process
QAxSelect::SandboxingLowIntegrity 2 Run ActiveX control in a separate low-integrity process

Sandboxing requires that the ActiveX is either built as an EXE, or as a DLL with AppID "DllSurrogate" enabled.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.13.

Member Function Documentation

QAxSelect::QAxSelect(QWidget *parent = nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags flags = Qt::WindowFlags())

Constructs a QAxSelect object. Dialog parent widget and window flags can be optionally specified with parent and flags parameters, respectively.

[override virtual] QAxSelect::~QAxSelect()

Destroys the QAxSelect object.

QString QAxSelect::clsid() const

Returns the CLSID of the selected COM component.

QAxSelect::SandboxingLevel QAxSelect::sandboxingLevel() const

Returns the desired level of sandboxing for the ActiveX control.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.13.

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