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QGeoRouteLeg Class

The QGeoRouteLeg class represents a leg of a route, that is the portion of a route between one waypoint and the next. This is a subclass of QGeoRoute, exposing route leg specific API. More...

Header: #include <QGeoRouteLeg>
qmake: QT += location
Since: Qt 5.12
Inherits: QGeoRoute

This class was introduced in Qt 5.12.

Public Functions

QGeoRouteLeg(const QGeoRouteLeg &other)
int legIndex() const
QGeoRoute overallRoute() const
void setLegIndex(int idx)
void setOverallRoute(const QGeoRoute &route)

Detailed Description

Note: QGeoRoute::routeLegs will return an empty list if called on a route leg.

See also QGeoRoute.

Member Function Documentation

QGeoRouteLeg::QGeoRouteLeg(const QGeoRouteLeg &other)

Constructs a route leg object from the contents of other.


Constructs a route leg object.


Destroys this route object.

int QGeoRouteLeg::legIndex() const

Returns the index of this route leg inside the containing QGeoRoute::routeLegs list. Can be used to find the next legs.

See also setLegIndex().

QGeoRoute QGeoRouteLeg::overallRoute() const

Returns the route that contains this route leg.

See also setOverallRoute().

void QGeoRouteLeg::setLegIndex(int idx)

Sets the route leg index to idx.

See also legIndex().

void QGeoRouteLeg::setOverallRoute(const QGeoRoute &route)

Sets the route that contains this route leg.

See also overallRoute().

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