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QLidReading Class

The QLidReading class holds readings from the Lid sensor. More...

Header: #include <QLidReading>
qmake: QT += sensors
Since: Qt 5.9
Inherits: QSensorReading

This class was introduced in Qt 5.9.


Public Functions

bool backLidClosed() const
bool frontLidClosed() const
void setBackLidClosed(bool closed)
void setFrontLidClosed(bool closed)

Detailed Description

A normal laptop has what we call a front lid.

If the laptop can be converted to a tablet by rotating or closing the lid where the display is out, this is known as a back lid.

QLidReading Units

The Lid sensor can detect if a device's lid is closed or not. A lid can be a laptop, a laptop that converts to a tablet, or even a cover for a tablet or phone.

Property Documentation

backLidClosed : const bool

This property holds a value indicating whether the back lid is closed. A back lid can be when a convertable laptop is closed into to tablet mode without keyboard.

Access functions:

bool backLidClosed() const

See also QLidReading Units.

frontLidClosed : const bool

This property holds a value indicating whether the front lid is closed. A front lid would be a normal laptop lid.

Access functions:

bool frontLidClosed() const

See also QLidReading Units.

Member Function Documentation

void QLidReading::setBackLidClosed(bool closed)

Sets the backLidClosed value to closed.

See also backLidClosed().

void QLidReading::setFrontLidClosed(bool closed)

Sets the frontLidClosed value to closed.

See also frontLidClosed().

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