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Geometry QML Type

An Abstract base type for custom geometry. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D 1.15
Instantiates: QQuick3DGeometry


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Detailed Description

The Geometry can be used to specify custom geometry used with Qt Quick 3D. The custom geometry should be implemented with C++ and registered to QML.

The geometry is identified with unique name, which is used by the engine to distinguish different models. Instances of same custom geometry type with different parameters should specify different unique id. The name can be used with model source to share the same geometry with different models.

import QtQuick3D.Helpers 1.15

Model {
    id: gridModel
    geometry: GridGeometry {
        name: "grid"
    materials: [
        DefaultMaterial {
            emissiveColor: "white"
            lighting: DefaultMaterial.NoLighting

See also Model.

Property Documentation

name : string

Unique name identifying the geometry.

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