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WebEngineNavigationRequest QML Type

Represents a request for navigating to a web page as part of WebEngineView::navigationRequested(). More...

Import Statement: import QtWebEngine 1.10
Since: QtWebEngine 1.0


Detailed Description

To accept or reject a request, set action to WebEngineNavigationRequest.AcceptRequest or WebEngineNavigationRequest.IgnoreRequest.

Property Documentation

action : enumeration

Whether to accept or ignore the navigation request.

Constant Description
WebEngineNavigationRequest.AcceptRequest Accepts a navigation request.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.IgnoreRequest Ignores a navigation request.

[read-only] isMainFrame : bool

Whether the navigation issue is requested for a top level page.

[read-only] navigationType : enumeration

The method used to navigate to a web page.

Constant Description
WebEngineNavigationRequest.LinkClickedNavigation Clicking a link.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.TypedNavigation Entering an URL on the address bar.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.FormSubmittedNavigation Submitting a form.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.BackForwardNavigation Using navigation history to go to the previous or next page.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.ReloadNavigation Reloading the page.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.RedirectNavigation Page content or server triggered a redirection or page refresh.
WebEngineNavigationRequest.OtherNavigation Using some other method to go to a page.

[read-only] url : url

The URL of the web page to go to.

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