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QPlaceUser Class

The QPlaceUser class represents an individual user. More...

Header: #include <QPlaceUser>
qmake: QT += location
Since: Qt 5.6

This class was introduced in Qt 5.6.

Public Functions

QPlaceUser(const QPlaceUser &other)
QPlaceUser & operator=(const QPlaceUser &other)
QString name() const
void setName(const QString &name)
void setUserId(const QString &identifier)
QString userId() const
bool operator!=(const QPlaceUser &other) const
bool operator==(const QPlaceUser &other) const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

QPlaceUser::QPlaceUser(const QPlaceUser &other)

Constructs a copy of other.


Constructs a new user object.

QPlaceUser &QPlaceUser::operator=(const QPlaceUser &other)

Assigns other to this user and returns a reference to this user.


Destroys the user object.

QString QPlaceUser::name() const

Returns the name of the user.

See also setName().

void QPlaceUser::setName(const QString &name)

Sets the name of the user.

See also name().

void QPlaceUser::setUserId(const QString &identifier)

Sets the identifier of the user.

See also userId().

QString QPlaceUser::userId() const

Returns the identifier of the user.

See also setUserId().

bool QPlaceUser::operator!=(const QPlaceUser &other) const

Returns true if other is not equal to this user, otherwise returns false.

bool QPlaceUser::operator==(const QPlaceUser &other) const

Returns true if this user is equal to other. Otherwise returns false.

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