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QWebEngineSettings Class

The QWebEngineSettings class provides an object to store the settings used by QWebEnginePage. More...

Header: #include <QWebEngineSettings>
qmake: QT += webenginewidgets
Since: Qt 5.4

This class was introduced in Qt 5.4.

Public Types

enum FontFamily { StandardFont, FixedFont, SerifFont, SansSerifFont, CursiveFont, …, PictographFont }
enum FontSize { MinimumFontSize, MinimumLogicalFontSize, DefaultFontSize, DefaultFixedFontSize }
enum UnknownUrlSchemePolicy { DisallowUnknownUrlSchemes, AllowUnknownUrlSchemesFromUserInteraction, AllowAllUnknownUrlSchemes }
enum WebAttribute { AutoLoadImages, JavascriptEnabled, JavascriptCanOpenWindows, JavascriptCanAccessClipboard, LinksIncludedInFocusChain, …, PdfViewerEnabled }

Public Functions

QString defaultTextEncoding() const
QString fontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which) const
int fontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type) const
void resetAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute)
void resetFontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which)
void resetFontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type)
void resetUnknownUrlSchemePolicy()
void setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute, bool on)
void setDefaultTextEncoding(const QString &encoding)
void setFontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which, const QString &family)
void setFontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type, int size)
void setUnknownUrlSchemePolicy(QWebEngineSettings::UnknownUrlSchemePolicy policy)
bool testAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute) const
QWebEngineSettings::UnknownUrlSchemePolicy unknownUrlSchemePolicy() const

Static Public Members

QWebEngineSettings * defaultSettings()

Detailed Description

QWebEngineSettings allows configuration of browser properties, such as font sizes and families, the location of a custom style sheet, and generic attributes, such as JavaScript support. Individual attributes are set using the setAttribute() function. The WebAttribute enum further describes each attribute.

Each QWebEnginePage object has its own QWebEngineSettings object, which configures the settings for that page. If a setting is not configured for a web engine page, it is looked up in the settings of the profile the page belongs to.

See also QWebEnginePage::settings() and QWebEngineView::settings().

Member Type Documentation

enum QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily

This enum describes the generic font families defined by CSS 2. For more information see the CSS standard.

Constant Value Description
QWebEngineSettings::StandardFont 0
QWebEngineSettings::FixedFont 1
QWebEngineSettings::SerifFont 2
QWebEngineSettings::SansSerifFont 3
QWebEngineSettings::CursiveFont 4
QWebEngineSettings::FantasyFont 5
QWebEngineSettings::PictographFont 6 (added in Qt 5.7)

enum QWebEngineSettings::FontSize

This enum describes the font sizes configurable through QWebEngineSettings:

Constant Value Description
QWebEngineSettings::MinimumFontSize 0 The hard minimum font size.
QWebEngineSettings::MinimumLogicalFontSize 1 The minimum logical font size that is applied when zooming out.
QWebEngineSettings::DefaultFontSize 2 The default font size for regular text.
QWebEngineSettings::DefaultFixedFontSize 3 The default font size for fixed-pitch text.

enum QWebEngineSettings::UnknownUrlSchemePolicy

This enum describes how navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes are handled.

Constant Value Description
QWebEngineSettings::DisallowUnknownUrlSchemes 1 Disallows all navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes.
QWebEngineSettings::AllowUnknownUrlSchemesFromUserInteraction 2 Allows navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes that are issued from user-interaction (like a mouse-click), whereas other navigation requests (for example from JavaScript) are suppressed.
QWebEngineSettings::AllowAllUnknownUrlSchemes 3 Allows all navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.11.

See also unknownUrlSchemePolicy, setUnknownUrlSchemePolicy, and resetUnknownUrlSchemePolicy.

enum QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute

This enum type specifies settings for web pages:

Constant Value Description
QWebEngineSettings::AutoLoadImages 0 Automatically dowloads images for web pages. When this setting is disabled, images are loaded from the cache. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptEnabled 1 Enables the running of JavaScript programs in the MainWorld. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows 2 Allows JavaScript programs to open popup windows without user interaction. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanAccessClipboard 3 Allows JavaScript programs to read from and write to the clipboard. Writing to the clipboard is always allowed if it is specifically requested by the user. See JavascriptCanPaste to also allow pasting the content of the clipboard content from JavaScript. Disabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::LinksIncludedInFocusChain 4 Includes hyperlinks in the keyboard focus chain. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::LocalStorageEnabled 5 Enables support for the HTML 5 local storage feature. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls 6 Allows locally loaded documents to ignore cross-origin rules so that they can access remote resources that would normally be blocked, because all remote resources are considered cross-origin for a local file. Remote access that would not be blocked by cross-origin rules is still possible when this setting is disabled (default). Note that disabling this setting does not stop XMLHttpRequests or media elements in local files from accessing remote content. Basically, it only stops some HTML subresources, such as scripts, and therefore disabling this setting is not a safety mechanism.
QWebEngineSettings::XSSAuditingEnabled 7 Obsolete and has no effect.
QWebEngineSettings::SpatialNavigationEnabled 8 Enables the Spatial Navigation feature, which means the ability to navigate between focusable elements, such as hyperlinks and form controls, on a web page by using the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys. For example, if a user presses the Right key, heuristics determine whether there is an element they might be trying to reach towards the right and which element they probably want. Disabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::LocalContentCanAccessFileUrls 9 Allows locally loaded documents to access other local URLs. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::HyperlinkAuditingEnabled 10 Enables support for the ping attribute for hyperlinks. Disabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::ScrollAnimatorEnabled 11 Enables animated scrolling. Disabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::ErrorPageEnabled 12 Enables displaying the built-in error pages of Chromium. Enabled by default.
QWebEngineSettings::PluginsEnabled 13 Enables support for Pepper plugins, such as the Flash player. Disabled by default. See also Pepper Plugin API. (Added in Qt 5.6)
QWebEngineSettings::FullScreenSupportEnabled 14 Enables fullscreen support in an application. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.6)
QWebEngineSettings::ScreenCaptureEnabled 15 Enables screen capture in an application. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.7)
QWebEngineSettings::WebGLEnabled 16 Enables support for HTML 5 WebGL. Enabled by default if available. (Added in Qt 5.7)
QWebEngineSettings::Accelerated2dCanvasEnabled 17 Specifies whether the HTML5 2D canvas should be a OpenGL framebuffer. This makes many painting operations faster, but slows down pixel access. Enabled by default if available. (Added in Qt 5.7)
QWebEngineSettings::AutoLoadIconsForPage 18 Automatically downloads icons for web pages. Enabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.7)
QWebEngineSettings::TouchIconsEnabled 19 Enables support for touch icons and precomposed touch icons Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.7)
QWebEngineSettings::FocusOnNavigationEnabled 20 Gives focus to the view associated with the page, whenever a navigation operation occurs (load, stop, reload, reload and bypass cache, forward, backward, set content, and so on). Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.8)
QWebEngineSettings::PrintElementBackgrounds 21 Turns on printing of CSS backgrounds when printing a web page. Enabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.8)
QWebEngineSettings::AllowRunningInsecureContent 22 By default, HTTPS pages cannot run JavaScript, CSS, plugins or web-sockets from HTTP URLs. This provides an override to get the old insecure behavior. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.8)
QWebEngineSettings::AllowGeolocationOnInsecureOrigins 23 Since Qt 5.7, only secure origins such as HTTPS have been able to request Geolocation features. This provides an override to allow non secure origins to access Geolocation again. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.9)
QWebEngineSettings::AllowWindowActivationFromJavaScript 24 Allows activating windows by using the window.focus() JavaScript method. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.10)
QWebEngineSettings::ShowScrollBars 25 Shows scroll bars. Enabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.10)
QWebEngineSettings::PlaybackRequiresUserGesture 26 Inhibits playback of media content until the user interacts with the page. By default, WebEngine uses Chromium settings, as described in Autoplay Policy Changes. This is similar to how Chrome on Android behaves, while the default behavior when it is disabled is similar to Chrome on desktops. To overwrite the default behavior, disable this setting. (Added in Qt 5.11)
QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanPaste 28 Enables JavaScript execCommand("paste"). This also requires enabling JavascriptCanAccessClipboard. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.11)
QWebEngineSettings::WebRTCPublicInterfacesOnly 27 Limits WebRTC to public IP addresses only. When disabled WebRTC may also use local network IP addresses, but remote hosts can also see your local network IP address. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.11)
QWebEngineSettings::DnsPrefetchEnabled 29 Specifies whether WebEngine will try to pre-fetch DNS entries to speed up browsing. Disabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.12)
QWebEngineSettings::PdfViewerEnabled 30 Specifies that PDF documents will be opened in the internal PDF viewer instead of being downloaded. Enabled by default. (Added in Qt 5.13)

Member Function Documentation

[static] QWebEngineSettings *QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings()

Returns the settings for a web engine page that belongs to the default profile. All web pages not specifically created with another profile belong to the default profile.

QString QWebEngineSettings::defaultTextEncoding() const

Returns the default text encoding.

See also setDefaultTextEncoding().

QString QWebEngineSettings::fontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which) const

Returns the actual font family for the specified generic font family, which.

See also setFontFamily().

int QWebEngineSettings::fontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type) const

Returns the default font size for type in pixels.

See also setFontSize().

void QWebEngineSettings::resetAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute)

Resets the setting of attribute to the value specified in the profile that the page belongs to.

void QWebEngineSettings::resetFontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which)

Resets the actual font family specified by which to the one specified in the profile that the page belongs to.

void QWebEngineSettings::resetFontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type)

Resets the font size for type to the size specified in the profile that the page belongs to.

void QWebEngineSettings::resetUnknownUrlSchemePolicy()

Removes the policy for handling navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.11.

See also unknownUrlSchemePolicy and setUnknownUrlSchemePolicy.

void QWebEngineSettings::setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute, bool on)

Enables or disables the specified attribute feature depending on the value of on.

void QWebEngineSettings::setDefaultTextEncoding(const QString &encoding)

Specifies the default text encoding system.

The value of encoding must be a string describing an encoding such as "utf-8" or "iso-8859-1". If left empty, a default value will be used. For a more extensive list of encoding names see QTextCodec.

See also defaultTextEncoding().

void QWebEngineSettings::setFontFamily(QWebEngineSettings::FontFamily which, const QString &family)

Sets the actual font family to family for the specified generic family, which.

See also fontFamily().

void QWebEngineSettings::setFontSize(QWebEngineSettings::FontSize type, int size)

Sets the font size for type to size in pixels.

See also fontSize().

void QWebEngineSettings::setUnknownUrlSchemePolicy(QWebEngineSettings::UnknownUrlSchemePolicy policy)

Sets the policy for handling navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes to policy. Default is QWebEngineSettings::AllowUnknownUrlSchemesFromUserInteraction.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.11.

See also unknownUrlSchemePolicy and resetUnknownUrlSchemePolicy.

bool QWebEngineSettings::testAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute attribute) const

Returns true if attribute is enabled; otherwise returns false.

QWebEngineSettings::UnknownUrlSchemePolicy QWebEngineSettings::unknownUrlSchemePolicy() const

Returns the currently selected policy for handling navigation requests to URLs with unknown schemes. Default is QWebEngineSettings::AllowUnknownUrlSchemesFromUserInteraction.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.11.

See also setUnknownUrlSchemePolicy and resetUnknownUrlSchemePolicy.

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