PUBSUB subcommand [argument [argument ...]]

The PUBSUB command is an introspection command that allows to inspect the state of the Pub/Sub subsystem. It is composed of subcommands that are documented separately. The general form is:

PUBSUB <subcommand> ... args ...

Cluster note: in a Redis Cluster clients can subscribe to every node, and can also publish to every other node. The cluster will make sure that published messages are forwarded as needed. That said, PUBSUB's replies in a cluster only report information from the node's Pub/Sub context, rather than the entire cluster.


Lists the currently active channels. An active channel is a Pub/Sub channel with one or more subscribers (not including clients subscribed to patterns).

If no pattern is specified, all the channels are listed, otherwise if pattern is specified only channels matching the specified glob-style pattern are listed.

Return value

Array reply: a list of active channels, optionally matching the specified pattern.

PUBSUB NUMSUB [channel-1 ... channel-N]

Returns the number of subscribers (not counting clients subscribed to patterns) for the specified channels.

Return value

Array reply: a list of channels and number of subscribers for every channel. The format is channel, count, channel, count, ..., so the list is flat. The order in which the channels are listed is the same as the order of the channels specified in the command call.

Note that it is valid to call this command without channels. In this case it will just return an empty list.


Returns the number of subscriptions to patterns (that are performed using the PSUBSCRIBE command). Note that this is not just the count of clients subscribed to patterns but the total number of patterns all the clients are subscribed to.

Return value

Integer reply: the number of patterns all the clients are subscribed to.

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