This command performs a full reset of the connection's server-side context, mimicking the effect of disconnecting and reconnecting again.

When the command is called from a regular client connection, it does the following: * Discards the current MULTI transaction block, if one exists. * Unwatches all keys WATCHed by the connection. * Disables CLIENT TRACKING, if in use. * Sets the connection to READONLY mode. * Cancels the connection's ASKING mode, if previously set. * Sets CLIENT REPLY to ON. * Sets the protocol version to RESP2. * SELECTs database 0. * Exits MONITOR mode, when applicable. * Aborts Pub/Sub's subscription state (SUBSCRIBE and PSUBSCRIBE), when appropriate. * Deauthenticates the connection, requiring a call AUTH to reauthenticate when authentication is enabled.

Return value

Simple string reply: always RESET.

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