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ReQL command: hashMap

Command syntax

r.hashMap(key, value)[.with(key, value) ...] → object


Take a key/value pair, with extra key/value pairs optionally specified by chaining one or more with(key, value) terms after hashMap, and return an object.

hashMap is a convenience provided by the RethinkDB Java driver, and is not actually a ReQL term. It returns a MapObject, a RethinkDB-provided class that inherits from Map<Object,Object>. You can use hashMap outside the context of a ReQL query.

Example: Create a hashmap.

import com.rethinkdb.model.MapObject;

MapObject newData = r.hashMap("user", "fred")
    .with("email", "[email protected]")
    .with("id", 101)
    .with("admin", true);

This creates the object (in JSON):

    "admin": true,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "id": 101,
    "user": "fred"

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