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ReQL command: args

Command syntax

r.args(array) → special


r.args is a special term that’s used to splice an array of arguments into another term. This is useful when you want to call a variadic term such as get_all with a set of arguments produced at runtime.

This is analogous to the splat operator in Ruby. (However, note that args evaluates all its arguments before passing them into the parent term, even if the parent term otherwise allows lazy evaluation.)

Example: Get Alice and Bob from the table people.

r.table('people').get_all('Alice', 'Bob').run(conn)
# or
r.table('people').get_all(r.args(['Alice', 'Bob'])).run(conn)

Example: Get all of Alice’s children from the table people.

# r.table('people').get('Alice') returns {id: 'Alice', children: ['Bob', 'Carol']}

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