Struct std::env::ArgsOs

pub struct ArgsOs { /* fields omitted */ }

An iterator over the arguments of a process, yielding an OsString value for each argument.

This struct is created by the std::env::args_os function. See its documentation for more.

The first element is traditionally the path of the executable, but it can be set to arbitrary text, and may not even exist. This means this property should not be relied upon for security purposes.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ArgsOs[src]1.16.0

impl DoubleEndedIterator for ArgsOs[src]1.12.0

impl ExactSizeIterator for ArgsOs[src]

impl Iterator for ArgsOs[src]

type Item = OsString

The type of the elements being iterated over.

impl !Send for ArgsOs[src]1.26.0

impl !Sync for ArgsOs[src]1.26.0

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ArgsOs

impl Unpin for ArgsOs

impl UnwindSafe for ArgsOs

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