Trait std::os::windows::io::AsRawHandle

pub trait AsRawHandle {
    fn as_raw_handle(&self) -> RawHandle;
This is supported on Windows only.

Extracts raw handles.

Required methods

fn as_raw_handle(&self) -> RawHandle

This is supported on Windows only.

Extracts the raw handle, without taking any ownership.

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impl AsRawHandle for File[src]

impl AsRawHandle for Stderr[src]

impl AsRawHandle for Stdin[src]

impl AsRawHandle for Stdout[src]

impl AsRawHandle for Child[src]

impl AsRawHandle for ChildStderr[src]

impl AsRawHandle for ChildStdin[src]

impl AsRawHandle for ChildStdout[src]

impl<'a> AsRawHandle for StderrLock<'a>[src]

impl<'a> AsRawHandle for StdinLock<'a>[src]

impl<'a> AsRawHandle for StdoutLock<'a>[src]

impl<T> AsRawHandle for JoinHandle<T>[src]

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