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Async Scheduler

const async: any;


Schedule task as if you used setTimeout(task, duration)

async scheduler schedules tasks asynchronously, by putting them on the JavaScript event loop queue. It is best used to delay tasks in time or to schedule tasks repeating in intervals.

If you just want to "defer" task, that is to perform it right after currently executing synchronous code ends (commonly achieved by setTimeout(deferredTask, 0)), better choice will be the asap scheduler.


Use async scheduler to delay task

import { asyncScheduler } from 'rxjs';

const task = () => console.log('it works!');

asyncScheduler.schedule(task, 2000);

// After 2 seconds logs:
// "it works!"

Use async scheduler to repeat task in intervals

import { asyncScheduler } from 'rxjs';

function task(state) {
  this.schedule(state + 1, 1000); // `this` references currently executing Action,
                                  // which we reschedule with new state and delay

asyncScheduler.schedule(task, 3000, 0);

// Logs:
// 0 after 3s
// 1 after 4s
// 2 after 5s
// 3 after 6s

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