GLM.predict(params, exog=None, exposure=None, offset=None, linear=False) [source]

Return predicted values for a design matrix

  • params (array-like) – Parameters / coefficients of a GLM.
  • exog (array-like, optional) – Design / exogenous data. Is exog is None, model exog is used.
  • exposure (array-like, optional) – Exposure time values, only can be used with the log link function. See notes for details.
  • offset (array-like, optional) – Offset values. See notes for details.
  • linear (bool) – If True, returns the linear predicted values. If False, returns the value of the inverse of the model’s link function at the linear predicted values.
Return type:

An array of fitted values


Any exposure and offset provided here take precedence over the exposure and offset used in the model fit. If exog is passed as an argument here, then any exposure and offset values in the fit will be ignored.

Exposure values must be strictly positive.

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