ProbPlot.probplot(xlabel=None, ylabel=None, line=None, exceed=False, ax=None, **plotkwargs) [source]

Probability plot of the unscaled quantiles of x versus the probabilities of a distibution (not to be confused with a P-P plot).

The x-axis is scaled linearly with the quantiles, but the probabilities are used to label the axis.

  • ylabel (xlabel,) – User-provided lables for the x-axis and y-axis. If None (default), other values are used depending on the status of the kwarg other.
  • line (str {'45', 's', 'r', q'} or None, optional) –

    Options for the reference line to which the data is compared:

    • ‘45’ - 45-degree line
    • ’s‘ - standardized line, the expected order statistics are scaled by the standard deviation of the given sample and have the mean added to them
    • ’r’ - A regression line is fit
    • ’q’ - A line is fit through the quartiles.
    • None - by default no reference line is added to the plot.
  • exceed (boolean, optional) –
    • If False (default) the raw sample quantiles are plotted against the theoretical quantiles, show the probability that a sample will not exceed a given value
    • If True, the theoretical quantiles are flipped such that the figure displays the probability that a sample will exceed a given value.
  • ax (Matplotlib AxesSubplot instance, optional) – If given, this subplot is used to plot in instead of a new figure being created.
  • **plotkwargs (additional matplotlib arguments to be passed to the) – plot command.

fig – If ax is None, the created figure. Otherwise the figure to which ax is connected.

Return type:

Matplotlib figure instance

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