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Returns the single element in dataset as a nested structure of tensors.

This function enables you to use a tf.data.Dataset in a stateless "tensor-in tensor-out" expression, without creating a tf.compat.v1.data.Iterator. This can be useful when your preprocessing transformations are expressed as a Dataset, and you want to use the transformation at serving time. For example:

input_batch = tf.compat.v1.placeholder(tf.string, shape=[BATCH_SIZE])

def preprocessing_fn(input_str):
  # ...
  return image, label

dataset = (tf.data.Dataset.from_tensor_slices(input_batch)
           .map(preprocessing_fn, num_parallel_calls=BATCH_SIZE)

image_batch, label_batch = tf.data.experimental.get_single_element(dataset)
dataset A tf.data.Dataset object containing a single element.
A nested structure of tf.Tensor objects, corresponding to the single element of dataset.
TypeError if dataset is not a tf.data.Dataset object. InvalidArgumentError (at runtime): if dataset does not contain exactly one element.

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