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Represents options for collecting dataset stats using StatsAggregator.

You can set the stats options of a dataset through the experimental_stats property of tf.data.Options; the property is an instance of tf.data.experimental.StatsOptions. For example, to collect latency stats on all dataset edges, use the following pattern:

aggregator = tf.data.experimental.StatsAggregator()

options = tf.data.Options()
options.experimental_stats.aggregator = aggregator
options.experimental_stats.latency_all_edges = True
dataset = dataset.with_options(options)
aggregator Associates the given statistics aggregator with the dataset pipeline.
counter_prefix Prefix for the statistics recorded as counter.
latency_all_edges Whether to add latency measurements on all edges. Defaults to False.
prefix Prefix to prepend all statistics recorded for the input dataset with.



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