/TensorFlow 2.4


Asserts that the given condition is true.

If condition evaluates to false, print the list of tensors in data. summarize determines how many entries of the tensors to print.

condition The condition to evaluate.
data The tensors to print out when condition is false.
summarize Print this many entries of each tensor.
name A name for this operation (optional).
assert_op An Operation that, when executed, raises a tf.errors.InvalidArgumentError if condition is not true.
Note: The output of this function should be used. If it is not, a warning will be logged or an error may be raised. To mark the output as used, call its .mark_used() method.

Tf1 Compatibility

When in TF V1 mode (that is, outside tf.function) Assert needs a control dependency on the output to ensure the assertion executes:

# Ensure maximum element of x is smaller or equal to 1
assert_op = tf.Assert(tf.less_equal(tf.reduce_max(x), 1.), [x])
with tf.control_dependencies([assert_op]):
  ... code using x ...

Eager Compatibility

returns None

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