/TensorFlow 2.4


Flush the summaries for a quantile stream resource.

An op that flushes the summaries for a quantile stream resource.

quantile_stream_resource_handle A Tensor of type resource. resource handle referring to a QuantileStreamResource.
num_buckets A Tensor of type int64. int; approximate number of buckets unless using generate_quantiles.
generate_quantiles An optional bool. Defaults to False. bool; If True, the output will be the num_quantiles for each stream where the ith entry is the ith quantile of the input with an approximation error of epsilon. Duplicate values may be present. If False, the output will be the points in the histogram that we got which roughly translates to 1/epsilon boundaries and without any duplicates. Default to False.
name A name for the operation (optional).
The created Operation.

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