/TensorFlow 2.4


Encodes a RaggedTensor into a variant Tensor.

Encodes the given RaggedTensor and returns a variant Tensor. If batched_input is True, then input RaggedTensor is unbatched along the zero-th dimension, each component RaggedTensor is encoded into a scalar variant Tensor, and these are stacked to return a 1-D variant Tensor. If batched_input is False, then the input RaggedTensor is encoded as is and a scalar variant Tensor is returned. A RaggedTensor is encoded by first creating a 1-D variant Tensor with ragged_rank + 1 elements, containing the splits and values Tensors of the RaggedTensor. Then the 1-D variant Tensor is wrapped in a scalar variant Tensor. See RaggedTensorFromVariant for the corresponding decoding logic.

rt_nested_splits A list of Tensor objects with the same type in: int32, int64. A list of one or more Tensors representing the splits of the input RaggedTensor.
rt_dense_values A Tensor. A Tensor representing the values of the input RaggedTensor.
batched_input A bool. A bool denoting whether the input is a batched RaggedTensor.
name A name for the operation (optional).
A Tensor of type variant.

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