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Module: tf.contrib.crf

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/crf/__init__.py.

Linear-chain CRF layer.

See the CRF (contrib) guide.


class CrfDecodeBackwardRnnCell: Computes backward decoding in a linear-chain CRF.

class CrfDecodeForwardRnnCell: Computes the forward decoding in a linear-chain CRF.

class CrfForwardRnnCell: Computes the alpha values in a linear-chain CRF.


crf_binary_score(...): Computes the binary scores of tag sequences.

crf_decode(...): Decode the highest scoring sequence of tags in TensorFlow.

crf_log_likelihood(...): Computes the log-likelihood of tag sequences in a CRF.

crf_log_norm(...): Computes the normalization for a CRF.

crf_sequence_score(...): Computes the unnormalized score for a tag sequence.

crf_unary_score(...): Computes the unary scores of tag sequences.

viterbi_decode(...): Decode the highest scoring sequence of tags outside of TensorFlow.

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