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Module: tf.contrib.image

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/image/__init__.py.

Ops for image manipulation.


This module provides functions for image manipulation; currently, chrominance transformas (including changing saturation and hue) in YIQ space and projective transforms (including rotation) are supported.

Image Transformation Ops

Image Segmentation Ops

Matching Ops

Random Dot Stereogram Ops


angles_to_projective_transforms(...): Returns projective transform(s) for the given angle(s).

compose_transforms(...): Composes the transforms tensors.

connected_components(...): Labels the connected components in a batch of images.

dense_image_warp(...): Image warping using per-pixel flow vectors.

interpolate_spline(...): Interpolate signal using polyharmonic interpolation.

rotate(...): Rotate image(s) counterclockwise by the passed angle(s) in radians.

single_image_random_dot_stereograms(...): Output a RandomDotStereogram Tensor for export via encode_PNG/JPG OP.

sparse_image_warp(...): Image warping using correspondences between sparse control points.

transform(...): Applies the given transform(s) to the image(s).

translate(...): Translate image(s) by the passed vectors(s).

translations_to_projective_transforms(...): Returns projective transform(s) for the given translation(s).

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