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Module: tf.keras.callbacks

Defined in tensorflow/tools/api/generator/api/keras/callbacks/__init__.py.

Imports for Python API.

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class BaseLogger: Callback that accumulates epoch averages of metrics.

class CSVLogger: Callback that streams epoch results to a csv file.

class Callback: Abstract base class used to build new callbacks.

class EarlyStopping: Stop training when a monitored quantity has stopped improving.

class History: Callback that records events into a History object.

class LambdaCallback: Callback for creating simple, custom callbacks on-the-fly.

class LearningRateScheduler: Learning rate scheduler.

class ModelCheckpoint: Save the model after every epoch.

class ProgbarLogger: Callback that prints metrics to stdout.

class ReduceLROnPlateau: Reduce learning rate when a metric has stopped improving.

class RemoteMonitor: Callback used to stream events to a server.

class TensorBoard: Tensorboard basic visualizations.

class TerminateOnNaN: Callback that terminates training when a NaN loss is encountered.

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