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Defined in tensorflow/python/debug/lib/debug_graphs.py.

Reconstruct original (non-debugger-decorated) partition GraphDef.

This method strips the input tf.GraphDef of the Copy and Debug-type nodes inserted by the debugger.

The reconstructed partition graph is identical to the original (i.e., non-debugger-decorated) partition graph except in the following respects: 1) The exact names of the runtime-inserted internal nodes may differ. These include _Send, _Recv, _HostSend, _HostRecv, _Retval ops. 2) As a consequence of 1, the nodes that receive input directly from such send- and recv-type ops will have different input names. 3) The parallel_iteration attribute of while-loop Enter ops are set to 1.


  • debug_graph_def: The debugger-decorated tf.GraphDef, with the debugger-inserted Copy and Debug nodes.


The reconstructed tf.GraphDef stripped of the debugger-inserted nodes.

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