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Join the Vue Community!

Join the Vue.js Community!

The vibrant community around Vue.js is continually growing. Nevertheless, helpful hands are always welcome. In fact, a growing community is the best sign of a healthy OSS project worth putting any effort into, even if it is as the user of the software.

If you would like to also be a part of the Vue.js community, this page was meant to support your endeavors. Have a look at the resources listed below to get some orientation around the sailing ship of Vue.js and…

….welcome aboard!

Resources You Should Know About!

The Community

  • The Forum - THE best place to ask questions and get answers about Vue.js and its components.
  • Gitter Channel - A place for devs to meet and chat. You can ask questions here, but the forum is the better platform, since the discussions are threaded.
  • Github - Report bugs or fork repositories to offer pull requests. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Third Party Contributions

Contributing to Vue

  • The rules to contribute - As with any community, there has to be rules, in order to ensure everyone is doing the right things the right way.

  • The Main Components of Vue

    • Vue - The core repository.
    • Vuex - A Flux-inspired Application Architecture for Vue.js.
    • Vue-router - A routing system for SPAs with Vue.js.
    • Vue-resource - A plugin, which provides services for making web requests and to handle responses using XMLHttpRequests or JSONP.

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