apply_filters( 'get_the_excerpt', string $post_excerpt, WP_Post $post )

Filters the retrieved post excerpt.



(string) The post excerpt.


(WP_Post) Post object.

More Information

The get_the_excerpt filter is used to filter the excerpt of the post after it is retrieved from the database and before it is returned from the get_the_excerpt() function.

When the get_the_excerpt filter is called, the filter function is passed a single argument containing the post excerpt.

function filter_function_name( $excerpt ) {
  # ...
add_filter( 'get_the_excerpt', 'filter_function_name' );

Where ‘filter_function_name‘ is the function WordPress should call when the excerpt is being retrieved. Note that the filter function must return the excerpt after it is finished processing, or page sections showing an excerpt will be blank, and other plugins also filtering the excerpt may generate errors.

The ‘filter_function_name‘ should be a unique function name. It cannot match any other function name already declared.


File: wp-includes/post-template.php

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Version Description
4.5.0 Introduced the $post parameter.
1.2.0 Introduced.

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