do_action_ref_array( 'phpmailer_init', PHPMailer $phpmailer )

Fires after PHPMailer is initialized.



(PHPMailer) The PHPMailer instance (passed by reference).

More Information

The wp_mail() function relies on the PHPMailer class to send email through PHP’s mail function. The phpmailer_init action hook allows you to hook to the phpmailer object and pass in your own arguments.

This action is initiated with `do_action_ref_array` rather than `do_action`. You still hook to it with `do_action`. However, there are some notable differences:

  • If you pass an array to `do_action_ref_array()`, each element’s value of that array is passed as a separate parameter to the callback.
  • If you pass an array to `do_action()`, the complete array is passed as a single argument including any keys.


File: wp-includes/pluggable.php

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Version Description
2.2.0 Introduced.

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