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Package system.web.services
Inheritance class CSoapObjectWrapper
Source Code framework/web/services/CWebService.php
CSoapObjectWrapper is a wrapper class internally used when SoapServer::setObject() is not defined.

Public Properties

Property Type Description Defined By
object object the service provider CSoapObjectWrapper

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
__call() PHP __call magic method. CSoapObjectWrapper
__construct() Constructor. CSoapObjectWrapper

Property Details

object property

public object $object;

the service provider

Method Details

__call() method

public mixed __call(string $name, array $arguments)
$name string method name
$arguments array method arguments
{return} mixed method return value
Source Code: framework/web/services/CWebService.php#309 (show)
public function __call($name,$arguments)

PHP __call magic method. This method calls the service provider to execute the actual logic.

__construct() method

public void __construct(object $object)
$object object the service provider
Source Code: framework/web/services/CWebService.php#297 (show)
public function __construct($object)


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