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Package system.base
Inheritance interface IApplicationComponent
Subclasses CApcCache, CApplicationComponent, CAssetManager, CAuthManager, CCache, CCacheHttpSession, CClientScript, CDbAuthManager, CDbCache, CDbConnection, CDbFixtureManager, CDbHttpSession, CDbMessageSource, CDbStatePersister, CDummyCache, CEAcceleratorCache, CErrorHandler, CFileCache, CFormatter, CGettextMessageSource, CHttpRequest, CHttpSession, CLocalizedFormatter, CLogRouter, CMemCache, CMessageSource, CPhpAuthManager, CPhpMessageSource, CPradoViewRenderer, CRedisCache, CSecurityManager, CStatePersister, CThemeManager, CUrlManager, CViewRenderer, CWebUser, CWidgetFactory, CWinCache, CXCache, CZendDataCache
Since 1.0
Source Code framework/base/interfaces.php
IApplicationComponent is the interface that all application components must implement.

After the application completes configuration, it will invoke the init() method of every loaded application component.

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
getIsInitialized() Checks whether the init() method has been invoked. IApplicationComponent
init() Initializes the application component. IApplicationComponent

Method Details

getIsInitialized() method

abstract public boolean getIsInitialized()
{return} boolean whether the init() method has been invoked.
Source Code: framework/base/interfaces.php#31 (show)
public function getIsInitialized();

init() method

abstract public void init()
Source Code: framework/base/interfaces.php#27 (show)
public function init();

Initializes the application component. This method is invoked after the application completes configuration.

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