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Interface yii\debug\models\search\UserSearchInterface

Extends yii\web\IdentityInterface
Available since version 2.0.10
Source Code https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2-debug/blob/master/models/search/UserSearchInterface.php

UserSearchInterface is the interface that should be implemented by a class providing identity information and search method.

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
findIdentity() Finds an identity by the given ID. yii\web\IdentityInterface
findIdentityByAccessToken() Finds an identity by the given token. yii\web\IdentityInterface
getAuthKey() Returns a key that can be used to check the validity of a given identity ID. yii\web\IdentityInterface
getId() Returns an ID that can uniquely identify a user identity. yii\web\IdentityInterface
search() Creates data provider instance with search query applied. yii\debug\models\search\UserSearchInterface
validateAuthKey() Validates the given auth key. yii\web\IdentityInterface

Method Details

search() public abstract method

Creates data provider instance with search query applied.

public abstract yii\data\DataProviderInterface search ( $params )
$params array

The data array to load model.

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