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Class yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser

Inheritance yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser » yii\base\Object
Implements yii\base\Configurable, yii\web\RequestParserInterface
Available since version 2.0.10
Source Code https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/framework/web/MultipartFormDataParser.php

MultipartFormDataParser parses content encoded as 'multipart/form-data'.

This parser provides the fallback for the 'multipart/form-data' processing on non POST requests, for example: the one with 'PUT' request method.

In order to enable this parser you should configure yii\web\Request::$parsers in the following way:

return [
    'components' => [
        'request' => [
            'parsers' => [
                'multipart/form-data' => 'yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser'
        // ...
    // ...

Method parse() of this parser automatically populates $_FILES with the files parsed from raw body.

Note: since this is a request parser, it will initialize $_FILES values on yii\web\Request::getBodyParams(). Until this method is invoked, $_FILES array will remain empty even if there are submitted files in the request body. Make sure you have requested body params before any attempt to get uploaded file in case you are using this parser.

Usage example:

use yii\web\UploadedFile;

$restRequestData = Yii::$app->request->getBodyParams();
$uploadedFile = UploadedFile::getInstancesByName('photo');

$model = new Item();
copy($uploadedFile->tempName, '/path/to/file/storage/photo.jpg');

Note: although this parser fully emulates regular structure of the $_FILES, related temporary files, which are available via tmp_name key, will not be recognized by PHP as uploaded ones. Thus functions like is_uploaded_file() and move_uploaded_file() will fail on them. This also means yii\web\UploadedFile::saveAs() will fail as well.

Public Properties

Property Type Description Defined By
$uploadFileMaxCount integer Maximum upload files count. yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser
$uploadFileMaxSize integer Upload file max size in bytes. yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
__call() Calls the named method which is not a class method. yii\base\Object
__construct() Constructor. yii\base\Object
__get() Returns the value of an object property. yii\base\Object
__isset() Checks if a property is set, i.e. defined and not null. yii\base\Object
__set() Sets value of an object property. yii\base\Object
__unset() Sets an object property to null. yii\base\Object
canGetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be read. yii\base\Object
canSetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be set. yii\base\Object
className() Returns the fully qualified name of this class. yii\base\Object
getUploadFileMaxCount() yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser
getUploadFileMaxSize() yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser
hasMethod() Returns a value indicating whether a method is defined. yii\base\Object
hasProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property is defined. yii\base\Object
init() Initializes the object. yii\base\Object
parse() Parses a HTTP request body. yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser
setUploadFileMaxCount() yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser
setUploadFileMaxSize() yii\web\MultipartFormDataParser

Property Details

$uploadFileMaxCount public property

Maximum upload files count.

public integer getUploadFileMaxCount ( )
public void setUploadFileMaxCount ( $uploadFileMaxCount )

$uploadFileMaxSize public property

Upload file max size in bytes.

public integer getUploadFileMaxSize ( )
public void setUploadFileMaxSize ( $uploadFileMaxSize )

Method Details

getUploadFileMaxCount() public method

public integer getUploadFileMaxCount ( )
return integer

Maximum upload files count.

getUploadFileMaxSize() public method

public integer getUploadFileMaxSize ( )
return integer

Upload file max size in bytes.

parse() public method

Parses a HTTP request body.

public array parse ( $rawBody, $contentType )
$rawBody string

The raw HTTP request body.

$contentType string

The content type specified for the request body.

return array

Parameters parsed from the request body

setUploadFileMaxCount() public method

public void setUploadFileMaxCount ( $uploadFileMaxCount )
$uploadFileMaxCount integer

Maximum upload files count.

setUploadFileMaxSize() public method

public void setUploadFileMaxSize ( $uploadFileMaxSize )
$uploadFileMaxSize integer

Upload file max size in bytes.

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