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Class yii\web\UnauthorizedHttpException

Inheritance yii\web\UnauthorizedHttpException » yii\web\HttpException » yii\base\UserException » yii\base\Exception » Exception
Available since version 2.0
Source Code https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/framework/web/UnauthorizedHttpException.php

UnauthorizedHttpException represents an "Unauthorized" HTTP exception with status code 401

Use this exception to indicate that a client needs to authenticate via WWW-Authenticate header to perform the requested action.

If the client is already authenticated and is simply not allowed to perform the action, consider using a 403 yii\web\ForbiddenHttpException or 404 yii\web\NotFoundHttpException instead.

Public Properties

Property Type Description Defined By
$statusCode integer HTTP status code, such as 403, 404, 500, etc. yii\web\HttpException

Public Methods

Method Description Defined By
__construct() Constructor. yii\web\UnauthorizedHttpException
getName() yii\web\HttpException

Method Details

__construct() public method


public void __construct ( $message = null, $code = 0, Exception $previous = null )
$message string

Error message

$code integer

Error code

$previous Exception

The previous exception used for the exception chaining.

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