Exports all the basic Angular directives and pipes, such as NgIf, NgForOf, DecimalPipe, and so on. Re-exported by BrowserModule, which is included automatically in the root AppModule when you create a new app with the CLI new command.

class CommonModule {


Name Description

Adds and removes CSS classes on an HTML element.


Instantiates a Component type and inserts its Host View into the current View. NgComponentOutlet provides a declarative approach for dynamic component creation.


A structural directive that renders a template for each item in a collection. The directive is placed on an element, which becomes the parent of the cloned templates.


A structural directive that conditionally includes a template based on the value of an expression coerced to Boolean. When the expression evaluates to true, Angular renders the template provided in a then clause, and when false or null, Angular renders the template provided in an optional else clause. The default template for the else clause is blank.


Adds / removes DOM sub-trees based on a numeric value. Tailored for pluralization.


Creates a view that will be added/removed from the parent NgPlural when the given expression matches the plural expression according to CLDR rules.


An attribute directive that updates styles for the containing HTML element. Sets one or more style properties, specified as colon-separated key-value pairs. The key is a style name, with an optional .<unit> suffix (such as 'top.px', 'font-style.em'). The value is an expression to be evaluated. The resulting non-null value, expressed in the given unit, is assigned to the given style property. If the result of evaluation is null, the corresponding style is removed.


The [ngSwitch] directive on a container specifies an expression to match against. The expressions to match are provided by ngSwitchCase directives on views within the container.

  • Every view that matches is rendered.
  • If there are no matches, a view with the ngSwitchDefault directive is rendered.
  • Elements within the [NgSwitch] statement but outside of any NgSwitchCase or ngSwitchDefault directive are preserved at the location.

Provides a switch case expression to match against an enclosing ngSwitch expression. When the expressions match, the given NgSwitchCase template is rendered. If multiple match expressions match the switch expression value, all of them are displayed.


Creates a view that is rendered when no NgSwitchCase expressions match the NgSwitch expression. This statement should be the final case in an NgSwitch.


Inserts an embedded view from a prepared TemplateRef.


Name Description

Unwraps a value from an asynchronous primitive.


Transforms a number to a currency string, formatted according to locale rules that determine group sizing and separator, decimal-point character, and other locale-specific configurations.


Formats a date value according to locale rules.


Formats a value according to digit options and locale rules. Locale determines group sizing and separator, decimal point character, and other locale-specific configurations.


Maps a value to a string that pluralizes the value according to locale rules.


Generic selector that displays the string that matches the current value.


Converts a value into its JSON-format representation. Useful for debugging.


Transforms Object or Map into an array of key value pairs.


Transforms text to all lower case.


Transforms a number to a percentage string, formatted according to locale rules that determine group sizing and separator, decimal-point character, and other locale-specific configurations.


Creates a new Array or String containing a subset (slice) of the elements.


Transforms text to title case. Capitalizes the first letter of each word and transforms the rest of the word to lower case. Words are delimited by any whitespace character, such as a space, tab, or line-feed character.


Transforms text to all upper case.

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