The signature of a function used as a canMatch guard on a Route.

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type CanMatchFn = (route: Route, segments: UrlSegment[]) => Observable<boolean | UrlTree> | Promise<boolean | UrlTree> | boolean | UrlTree;

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If all guards return true, navigation continues and the Router will use the Route during activation. If any guard returns false, the Route is skipped for matching and other Route configurations are processed instead.

The following example implements and uses a CanMatchFn that checks whether the current user has permission to access the team page.

const canMatchTeam: CanMatchFn = (route: Route, segments: UrlSegment[]) => {
  return inject(PermissionsService).canMatch(inject(UserToken));

bootstrapApplication(App, {
  providers: [provideRouter([
      path: 'team/:id',
      component: TeamComponent,
      canMatch: [canMatchTeam],

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